Councillors' Registers of Interests


Name: Cllr Shirley Dobbin

Ward: Town

01684 591557


The Penthouse,
Welland Court,
Welland Court Lane,
Upton upon Severn,

"I worked for over 15 years on the railway starting my career in London, my background has been mostly Customer Service. I moved to Upton upon Severn 6 years ago as my husband was relocated through work, we have 2 children. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant at Upton Primary School. I have done voluntary work for the National Childbirth Trust and the Friends of Upton Primary School where I was chairperson for 3 years. I am a committee member of the Hot Peppers WI. I joined the Council in 2015 and believe that I can make a difference - one of my priorities is to help make our park a better place for the people and visitors of Upton. I would like to work closely with the Upton traders and other local bodies."

Ex-officio member of all committees

Deputy Mayor

Name: Cllr Mike Morgan

Ward: Longdon Heath

01684 593300


18 Mulberry Drive,
Upton upon Severn,


Name: Cllr John Thompson

Ward: Town

01684 592035


18 Riverside Close,
Upton upon Severn,

"I joined the Town Council in 1998. My wife, Deirdre, and I moved to Upton from Holland in 1980 and subsequently had two children, both of whom were educated at Upton Primary and Hanley Schools. I originally qualified as an electronics engineer in the 1960s but from 1974 until 2013 I worked as a Technical Author for several organisations in The Netherlands, Hampshire and Cheltenham."

Finance & Assets Committee, Planning Committee, Community Development Committee and Staffing Committee

Name: Cllr Andrea Morgan

Ward: Town

01684 592405


48 Gardens Walk,
Upton upon Severn,

Open Spaces and Cemetery Committee

Name: Cllr Simon Yates

Ward: Hook

01684 830068


Belmont, Coombe Green, Birtsmorton, WR13 6AN

"I am Simon Yates, father of one daughter. I joined the Town Council early in the new millennium. Over the years I have chaired many committees. I am always available to chat to residents, whether on the phone or more likely in one of the local hostelries."

Planning Committee, Staffing Committee, Finance and Assets Committee and Traffic Management Task & Finish Group

Name: Cllr Graham Francis

Ward: Town

01684 594931


20 Berrows Court,
Upton upon Severn,

"As a newcomer to both the town and the Council, I am hoping that my previous experience and knowledge gained as a Wiltshire County Councillor and Marlborough Town Councillor will prove a useful asset when debating problems in Upton upon Severn. My ambition is to improve facilities for the disabled and the elderly to enjoy the same services as everyone else in the town especially for them to have the opportunity to attend Council meetings and have their say in matters pertinent to their needs."

Planning Committee, Staffing Committee, and Traffic Management Task & Finish Group

Name: Cllr Chris Mair

Ward: Town

07587 239471


7 Queens Mead,
Upton upon Severn,

"Upton is a town that punches above its weight. It is a go-to riverside experience with a multitude of retailers and a hospitality sector that is unparalleled. Its festivals have a world-wide following. I want to support progress to continue this focus. I moved to Upton in 2002 and after the floods of 2007 I helped form Upton Flood Forum to lobby the Environment Agency to secure the flood defences we now have. My background is as a journalist and editor with a wider background in public affairs and commercial public relations. I am also a vice present of Upton Rugby Club."

Planning Committee and Open Spaces and Cemetery Committee

Name: Cllr Henrietta Ross

Ward: Longdon Heath

07811 308246


1 Bromley Court,
Welland Road,
Upton upon Severn,

Open Spaces and Cemetery Committee, Staffing Committee

Name: Cllr Angela Conway

Ward: Town

07926 573029


House 1,
14 Old Street,
Upton upon Severn,

"I joined the council because I’m passionate about the town of Upton. I owned a gift shop in Old Street for several years – prior to which I’ve had many different careers: foster carer (for 15 years); Assistant Promotions Editor for Vanity Fair; Assistant Fashion Editor for TV Times, Nursing Assistant in the States, to name but a few. My priorities are simply to help Upton Upon Severn achieve it’s full potential, give Residents a sense of pride in their Town, and encourage more visitors. I would like Residents to take an interest in their Town, have a say in shaping it’s future, and become involved by attending Council meetings whenever possible."

Open Spaces and Cemetery Committee and the Traffic Management Task and Finish Group

Name: Cllr Vacancy

Ward: Longdon Heath

Name: Cllr Vacancy

Ward: Town

Name: Ms Jennifer Stephens

Ward: Hook

07834 897969


8 Thomas Morris House,
William Tennant Way,
Upton upon Severn,

"My name is Jennifer Stephens, I am 60 years old this year. I grew up in Upton upon Severn spending my early years age from 9 to 15 living in Ryall with my parents and 4 siblings, and attending the 3 local schools Upton Primary, Tunnel Hill High School and Hanley Castle High School. When my parents separated I went to live in Malvern with my mum until I left school, then we had to move again to Wiltshire due to family reasons. I came back to live in Upton in 2018 after my own 5 children had grown up and started their own lives, I now have 11 grandchildren. I instantly felt like I had returned home, and settled in very quickly. So now I begin a new chapter to my life and feel it is a huge privilege to become a Town Councillor for the community of Upton upon Severn, one that I never expected but have taken to my heart and intend to do my absolute best for."

Planning Committee and Open Spaces and Cemetery Committee

Name: Vacancy

Ward: Town

Name: Vacancy

Ward: Longdon Heath

Name: Cllr Vacancy

Ward: Town

County and District Councillors

County Council Martin Allen

District Councillor Mrs Andrea Morgan

District Councillor Martin Allen

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