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Memorial Hall: At the Town Council meeting in September, the council decided that the Memorial Hall will remain closed to bookings for the time being. This will be reviewed at each Town Council meeting. 

If you would like to speak to a councillor or a staff member, please either phone on 01684 592273 or email the Town Council office at clerk@uptonuponsevern-tc.org.uk to make an appointment. The office is still manned 5 days a week, subject to staff holidays. 


Councillors: The Council offers a warm welcome to its newest members, Cllrs Mike Morgan and Chris Mair. Mike was until recently a District Councillor for the Upton and Hanley ward and has also been a Town Councillor in the past. Chris is the Chairman of Upton Villages Together, the organisation that runs the Library building. We are delighted that they are joining us.  

We say farewell and thank you to former Cllr Betty Williams who resigned recently. Betty was a longstanding chairman of Open Spaces and member of most other committees, and was active in checking the condition of the Cemetery, looking after burials, making sure the Memorial Hall flowers were blooming and many, many other things. We will miss her. We also say goodbye and thank you to former councillor Klint Varndall.


Remembrance Day 2020: This year, Remembrance Day takes place on Sunday 8th November. Plans are underway for a commemoration that will fit in with current restrictions. At the moment it looks likely that a shortened service will take place at the War Memorial in Lower High Street rather than in the church. We will put an update on this page, our Facebook page and in the November Upton News when arrangements have been finalised.  


Community Fridge: The Community Fridge is open again, from 10am – 1pm. Please make sure you wear a face covering when you visit.  


South Worcestershire Development Plan Review: The completion of the review of the SWDP had been delayed due to the pandemic. The SWDP sets out which areas in the district will be allocated for houses and employment sites over the next 20 years. Public examination had been due to take place early in 2021. This will now happen in October 2021 after approval by the three South Worcestershire councils. The plan will go to the Secretary of State in Feb 2022 with adoption in late 2022. 


New Budgens supermarket on Hanley Road: The new unmanned petrol station at the old Countrywide site is now open. The new store will open in Spring 2021. The existing buildings will be demolished, the floor will be raised by 4’ and a new store will be built. A drawing is shown below of the planned appearance of the store:

The store owners accept that there will sometimes be occasions when floods prevent access to the store and petrol station, and they will close the store and wait for the water to subside. The petrol station tanks are safe in floods, as they were when the site was run by Countrywide. The applicants main aim is that any flood water is unable to reach the level of the supermarket floor.


Town Council meetings in October: The council continues to meet via Zoom and residents are welcome to join the meeting if they like. Please contact the Town Council office and we will send you the link. You can still ask questions in Public Question Time at the start of the meeting, and make representation on any issue. The council will not be meeting in person at the Memorial Hall until further notice. The next Town Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th October 2020. The meeting will be preceded by a Planning Committee meeting. Committee meetings will also take place on the 6th October (Planning) and 20th October (Finance & Assets).

If you would like to comment on any of the information above or request a copy of the minutes of any meeting, please contact the Town Council office at: Memorial Hall, Old Street, Upton upon Severn, WR8 0HA, tel: 01684 592273; email: clerk@uptonuponsevern-tc.org.uk or text/ WhatsApp to 07795 608892. Our website can be found by googling “Upton upon Severn Town Council” and clicking on the top link. 


Improvements to A38 /A4104 junction, the ‘Upton Turn’: Following tireless campaigning by Ripple Parish Council, the County Council has allocated funding to improve the junction at the A38 /A4104 by replacing it with a roundabout. We understand that the old part of the road will be removed. 

The proposal will go for planning approval in December 2020 and, if approved, work will commence in February 2021. Completion will be Autumn 2021. 


Films at the Memorial Hall: All films have been cancelled until further notice. 

Local Affordable Homes: Shared ownership two and three bedroom houses are now available at Tunnel Hill from Legal And General Affordable Homes. Please call 01905 630079 for more details.
Also referred to as part buy / part rent, Shared Ownership allows buyers to purchase a share of a home – usually between 25% and 75%. Purchasers will pay a mortgage on the share that they own, and a below-market-value rent on the remainder to a housing association, along with any service charge and ground rent. Eligibility criteria will apply.
Severn Trent Community Fund: Severn Trent Water has launched a new Community Fund with more than £10million to give away to charities and community groups over the next five years.
The Fund will be looking to support projects that can demonstrate a clear link to one or more of our three elements of community wellbeing:
People: Projects that help people to lead a healthier life and gain new skills
Place: Ideas that help create better places to live in and use
Environment: Schemes that will help look after the natural environment, give people greater access to that environment or help look after water
Severn Trent Water will also be encouraging projects that have a link to water in some way, such as river restoration, flood alleviation or sustainable drainage.
Applications are welcomed all year round. To apply and to find out more, visit Severn Trent Water Community Fund or get in touch with the team at communityfund@severntrent.co.uk.
Thinking about being a Councillor? Upton upon Severn Town Council currently has vacancies for councillors. If you’re not sure what the council does, or want to find out a bit more without committing yourself, why not attend a Town Council meeting to see what it’s all about? You can ask questions in the Public Questions section if you like, or can just attend and watch. The councillors are used to members of the public coming along and welcome anyone to the public gallery. The meetings dates list is published on our website or you can call us on 01684 592273 (Mon - Fri 10am to 2pm) and we’ll send you a copy. 
You can help tackle illegal flytipping: MHDC is asking the community to help prevent flytipping by asking questions of any company or person who comes to take away your waste.  Sometimes someone will come along, drop a flyer through your door offering rubbish clearance at low prices – if you go for it, how do you make sure that your rubbish isn’t found a week later in a ditch and you are liable for it? 

The first thing to do is ask for their Waste Carrier Licence number – you can check this online or by phone. A genuine waste carrier will not mind you asking them and will be happy to provide you with their details. The Town Council has got a waste carrier licence because we empty the litter bins at the play area, so anyone coming to your door will need one too, no matter how small their operation. The company should also give you a Waste Transfer Note which details where your rubbish will be disposed of. 

You can check a company (or individual's) licence via the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 or by using their Register of Waste Carriers. Put in the registration number or business name and click 'look up'.   


An update on Upton Library: A consultation was carried out on all libraries across Worcestershire earlier this year and the proposal for Upton was to have no librarian but the library to be managed by volunteers. This was opposed by the Town Council, by Upton Villages Together who manage the library building and by the current volunteers themselves. The outcome for Upton was based on an assessment which allocated a 'grade' to each library, and the libraries were then ranked. Upton Library appeared near the bottom of the list.
What happened:
The consultation results indicated that the assessments weren’t quite right, so this was changed to include local transport links. This meant that Upton rose in the rankings because it has a limited bus service to other libraries;
The savings that the County Council needed to make were achieved by: cutting jobs at the Hive and by Worcester City putting money into running St Johns and Warndon libraries (among other things);
There are enough savings from these things so other libraries aren't affected in 2019/20 and some upfront savings for 2020/21.
This means:
Upton will not lose its librarian in the short term;
There shouldn't be any change to opening hours in the short term.
What's next?
The County Council will be drawing up a Libraries Strategy;
The County Council still needs to identify £205k of savings for 2020/21.
Upton Library Readers At Home: Do you or anyone you know have difficulty visiting the Library? Library volunteers can deliver a selection of books, books on CD, and books on tape free of charge direct to your home. 
To find out more, please call 01905 822722, press 3 at the first menu, press 1 at the second menu, and then ask to speak to the staff at Upton upon Severn Library. The opening hours of Upton Library are 9.30am – 4.30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 9.30am – 1pm on Saturdays, so please call during these times. 
Join our Community Litter-picking team: Our caretaker regularly tidies up the new play area but when it is busy, dropped litter can still make it look a little unkempt. 

We have a small storage cupboard at the play area which contains litter-pickers, black sacks, disposable gloves, alcohol hand gel, a dustpan and brush, dog waste bags and anything else you could possibly need to do a bit of litter-picking and still have clean hands afterwards. To find out how to access the equipment, please contact the Town Council office on 01684 592273.


Council Facebook page: For information, notice of meetings and other news, visit the Council's Facebook page and click like to get our updates. 


Concerned about anti-social behaviour and vandalism? If you hear a disturbance, hear rowdy or loud behaviour that worries you or see anyone damaging anything or smashing bottles then ring 101 and report it to the police. We often hear about people’s concerns but very often they don’t report it because they think it’s not serious enough to bother the police with or that by the time police arrive, the people involved will have gone.

But report it anyway. The police ARE interested in these incidents and you won’t be wasting anyone’s time. They may not send anyone along immediately but they may put the area onto their routine patrols or, if the incident involves youngsters, visit the schools. And a few patrols by the police might prevent other incidents or deter people from making trouble in a particular location.

Call 101. Report it, every time. If it worries you then the police need to know.


Rubbish Collections:

You can view the web page at www.malvernhills.gov.uk/waste-changes.

Please send any queries you may have wastechanges@malvernhills.gov.uk


Malvern Hills Food Bank:  The Food Bank is located at Unit 4, Spring Court, Spring Lane South, Malvern, WR14 1AT and is open to residents of Upton upon Severn and surrounding areas too. It is open on Mondays and Thursdays 10.15am - 12.45pm. 

The Food Bank works on a voucher system, so if you or someone you know needs help, please go to one of the local referral agencies who will do their best to help with the problem and if, necessary, provide a voucher which can be exchanged for a 3-day supply of emergency food from the Food Bank in Malvern or from one of the distribution centres.

Referral agencies in Upton upon Severn: Fortis Living, Children’s Centres, Social Services Worcestershire County Council, Citizens’ Advice Bureau and others – please check the website for the Malvern Hills Food Bank for the full list.

Local distribution centre: Riverboats Children’s Centre, Upton Primary School, School Lane, Upton upon Severn

The majority of recipients of Food Bank supplies are in work. In many cases, people are just getting by but then suffer an unexpected crisis, such as unemployment or illness, which casts them into financial difficulty. The food bank volunteers can also offer advice to people on how to manage their situation, with advice on benefits or other help that is available.

Can you help?…

By donating food? There are collection points at Roberts & Egan estate agents and Riverboats Children’s Centre, Upton Primary School, School Lane. Donations of rice, tinned meat, fish and tomatoes, tomato ketchup, pasta sauces, tea, coffee, fruit squash, jam, marmite, biscuits, fruit juice and shampoo are all greatly welcomed.

By donating your time? The Food Bank is run entirely by volunteers, including the administrators and accountants. Help is always needed at the weekly Food Bank sessions sorting food, assembling food parcels, in admin sorting rotas, vouchers and printing, or just to chat to people who come in, so they know they’re not on their own.

By donating money? The Food Bank need to purchase items for supplies that it is short of, and to pay for rent, printing and other operating costs.


Defibrillators in Upton upon Severn: Upton now has Community Public Access Defibrillators which are sited at Upton upon Severn Primary School in School Lane, The Hill Centre, Tunnel Hill and at the Sports Club building in Old Street. There are situated on outside walls in hi-vis yellow cabinets. The defibrillator at the Sports Club is in an unlocked cabinet for quick access. An alarm will sound when the cabinet is opened. To acess the other two cabinets, you will need to call 999 for the access code. 

In event of someone calling 999 and Ambulance Control establishing that there is a possible cardiac arrest they will ask if there is anyone present who can fetch the defibrillator and someone who is prepared to use it.

Ambulance control will tell the caller where it is and give them a code number to open the wall mounted box and retrieve the machine. The defibrillators are designed to be used by untrained people and alongside the support and advice that will be coming over the phone from Ambulance Control the machine gives verbal instructions as each step is performed.

After use the machine will be taken away by the ambulance crew for data download, cleaning etc. and then returned to site. In the event of someone going to the box without first speaking to Ambulance Control there are written instructions telling them to dial 999 and quote the reference number displayed on the cabinet, the process would then continue as above.

There is also a defibrillator in the Ye Olde Anchor Public House but that operates on a different system. Staff at the pub are trained to use the defibrillator and they would either be activated by ambulance control or react to any events they were made aware of.


Rural Reels: We are looking for volunteers to help with the organisation and running of screenings, particularly anyone who would like to receive training as a technician to operate the DVD and sound systems. If you are interested please contact clerk@uptonuponsevern-tc.org.uk  

If you or any organisation you represent would like a private screening or to show a film as part of an event you are planning, please contact the Town Council office to discuss this. Commercial films and licences can be supplied or you can show your own film if you wish.




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