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Vacancy: We have a vacancy for a Councillor in the Town ward and a vacancy for a Councillor in the Longdon Heath ward.  In each case a bye-election will be held if ten electors for the relevant ward give notice in writing claiming such an election to the Returning Officer of Malvern Hills District Council. The deadline to request an election for the vacancy in the Town ward is Tuesday 4th April and the deadline to request an election for the vacancy in the Longdon Heath ward in Tuesday 10th April. If no such notice is given, the vacancies will be filled by co-option. Further notices will be displayed in due course and forms will be available at the Town Council office after the deadlines above or via email for anyone who wishes to apply.

The notices for the vacancies can be found here: Vacancy Town ward  Vacancy Longdon Heath ward 

Rural Communities Programme: The South Worcestershire Rural Communities Programme is now expanding into Malvern Hills District. The aim of the programme is to support vulnerable individuals and communities in rural South Worcestershire including older people and the socially isolated. It also hopes to maximise uptake and impact of existing public, voluntary and community services. The Rural Communities Programme Manager will be attending the Town Council meeting on the 28th March to provide more information about the project so please feel free to come along if you wish to find out more.

Hanley Road car park rear access: The Town Council and working group took the results of the survey to the MHDC Council meeting on the 6th December. Unfortunately the reply that came back was not quite as the Council had hoped, with the initial response criticising the information provided, reporting that it was still too dangerous to open up the rear access for general use and suggesting the County Council be contacted to provide an actual road through the car park with the likely loss of the recycling centre. This suggestion did not find favour with the Town Council and the installation of speed bumps was again suggested as a more practical alternative. At the January Town Council meeting, District Cllr M. Morgan reported that a meeting had subsequently been held between the local District Councillors at the site who are sympathetic to reopening the access but need to persuade some fellow Councillors and officers who made the closure decision in the first place. The County Council had not expressed much interest in taking on the installation of a public highway through the car park but the District Council officers had also contacted their insurer to ask about ways to make the entrance safe. We hope that the matter will be able to be debated at a District Council meeting and, if so, the working group will make representation.

Town Council and Committee meetings in March: The next Town Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th March 2017. There will be Committee meetings on the 7th March (Finance and Assets), 14th March (Planning and Open Spaces) and 28th March (Planning). All meetings start at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber at the Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated. Residents are welcome to attend and have an opportunity to ask questions if they wish. If you are disabled and unable to go up the stairs but still wish to attend a meeting, please contact the Clerk and arrangements will be made to hold the meeting downstairs.

If you would like to comment on any of the information above or request a copy of the minutes of any meeting, please contact the Town Council office at: Memorial Hall, Old Street, Upton upon Severn, WR8 0HA, tel: 01684 592273; email: uptontowncouncil@btconnect.com or text/ WhatsApp to 07795 608892. Our website can be found by googling “Upton upon Severn Town Council” and clicking on the top link.

Temporary closure of Old Street car park: We are carrying out our yearly sweep of the Old Street car park next week and will be filling in potholes and checking the lighting at the same time. The Old Street car park will be closed from 9am on Monday 27th February until 3pm Friday 3rd March. Many apologies to those who will be temporarily displaced. If we are able to re-open the car park earlier we will try to do so.

Council Tax: The Town Council decided at its meeting on the 17th January that it would request a precept of £124,823 for 2017/18, which is an increase of £1,000 on last year. This extra funding will be put towards the increase in rates on the Council’s free car park and towards the running of a van for the Caretaker, which we will be purchasing in the near future. The increase will come from the Town Council’s portion of residents’ Council Tax and we estimate that there will be an increase to a Band D household of just under 45p per month due to this.

Dog Control Consultation: MHDC are proposing the creation of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) relating to dog control. There are already powers in place to issue fines for dog fouling but the new legislation would give more flexibility to take a proactive approach and include things like being able to issue fines to people for not keeping a dog on a lead where they are required to, or issue fines to people for not carrying a dog waste bag with them when they walk their dog.

Please take part in the survey and put forward your views – the survey can be found online at: www.malvernhills.gov.uk/public-notices-consultations or contact us if you need a paper copy.

Films at the Memorial Hall:  Please see our Rural Reels tab here for more information. If there are any films you’d like to see, let us know. We have two more films to show this season, in June and July, so if you’d like to suggest a title, please get in touch.

Power Cut Helpline: There is a new number to call in the event of a power cut. Call 105 – and don’t get left in the dark.

New Bus Service: The Community Bus service from Upton, round the villages to Malvern and back is now up and running. It is a Dial-A-Ride service so you will need to phone and book. Leaflets detailing the journeys and contact numbers are available from the Memorial Hall and around the town. If you can’t make the stairs at the Hall, please ring the bell and we will come down to you. Alternatively, phone us on 01684 592273 and we will send you a copy in the post. Don’t be stuck in at home – the new service has been put on so you don’t have to be.

Tactile paving in Upton: The Town Council wrote to the County Council to complain about the yellow plastic tiles situated on the pavements at junctions around Upton upon Severn. In August, work was carried out to replace them with new concrete style paviours but the Town Council were dismayed to find that only the ones in the High Street have been replaced. Further discussions are underway with the County Councillor to try and get the remaining ones replaced, especially the ones by Haywards which have seen the most accidents.

Road raising by the Marina: We have received news that a scheme is being prepared for raising the road by the Marina to prevent the bridge becoming inaccessible in severe floods. Unfortunately there are currently no plans to raise the Hanley Road.

Defibrillators in Upton upon Severn

Upton now has Community Public Access Defibrillators are sited at Upton upon Severn Primary School in School Lane, The Hill Centre, Tunnel Hill they are both on an outside wall in a hi-vis yellow cabinet.

In event of someone calling 999 and Ambulance Control establishing that there is a possible cardiac arrest they will ask if there is anyone present who can fetch the defibrillator and someone who is prepared to use it.

Ambulance control will tell the caller where it is and give them a code number to open the wall mounted box and retrieve the machine. The defibrillators are designed to be used by untrained people and alongside the support and advice that will be coming over the phone from Ambulance Control the machine gives verbal instructions as each step is performed.

After use the machine will be taken away by the ambulance crew for data download, cleaning etc. and then returned to site. In the event of someone going to the box without first speaking to Ambulance Control there are written instructions telling them to dial 999 and quote the reference number displayed on the cabinet, the process would then continue as above.

There is also a defibrillator in the Ye Olde Anchor Public House but that operates on a different system. Staff at the pub are trained to use the defibrillator and they would either be activated by ambulance control or react to any events they were made aware of.

Volunteers sought: The Council is seeking community minded citizens to help out marshalling during road closures following an announcement from West Mercia Police that they will no longer be able to send police officers to close roads for events. We are hoping to compile a list of volunteers who can be called upon for events such as the Mayor’s Civic Service and Remembrance Day. You will be needed for less than an hour. If you would like to offer to help, please contact the Town Council office.

Rural Reels: We are looking for volunteers to help with the organisation and running of screenings, particularly anyone who would like to receive training as a technician to operate the DVD and sound systems. If you are interested please contact the Town Clerk at uptontowncouncil@btconnect.com.

If you or any organisation you represent would like a private screening or to show a film as part of an event you are planning, please contact the Town Council office to discuss this. Commercial films and licences can be supplied or you can show your own film if you wish.




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