Task & Finish Groups


Below is a list of Task and Finish Groups and memberships – the names in bold are the co-ordinators of that Task and Finish Group.

To see the Terms of Reference of Task & Finish Groups, please click here.


Group Members Task
Traffic Management Task & Finish Group Cllrs Graham Francis, Angela Conway, Henrietta Ross, Simon Yates and Chris Mair  
Grant Funding Task & Finish Group

Cllrs Andrea Morgan, Chris Mair, Mike Morgan and Angela Conway


Sport & recreation Task & Finish Group

Cllrs Henrietta Ross, Shirley Dobbin, Andrea Morgan and Jennie Stephens






Representatives on other organisations

Citizens' Advice Bureau Cllr Shirley Dobbins
Upton Sports Club / Upton Rugby Club Cllr Simon Yates
Blues Festival  Cllrs Simon Yates and Jennie Stephens
Edward Hall Charity Cllrs Simon Yates and Mike Morgan
Eleemosynary Charity Cllrs Andrea Morgan and Simon Yates
Representative on A38/A4104 Community Liaison Group Cllr Simon Yates
Worcestershire County Association of Local Councils (CALC) Cllr Simon Yates and Mike Morgan
Scout and Guide Committee Cllr Jennie Stephens
Rural Reels Cllrs Andrea Morgan and Angela Conway
Community Liaison Group for Ryall North Cllrs Andrea Morgan 



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