Consultation on the future of Upton Library:  The County Council needs to make more cuts and these will affect libraries in the county including Upton’s.

The consultation has two aspects: (1) it asks general questions and (2) it consults on the specific libraries themselves.

Each library is ranked. The ones with the highest ranking are prioritised. For the highest ranked libraries, including Malvern Library and the Hive, there will be no change. For the second highest ranked libraries, such as Pershore and Tenbury, the proposal is to invest in ‘Open Library’ technology. However, for Upton Library the proposal is to cut all paid staff and try to fill these roles with volunteers.

What is an ‘Open Library’? There are many things you can do in the library without staff being present. However, Open Libraries extend this by having no staff on site at all for certain periods. This is managed by having an entry control system, full coverage CCTV and a PA system to make announcements.

This would need funding, but if the investment could be made in Upton Library then savings could be made on staff costs without affecting opening hours. It may even be that most of the remaining hours could be run by volunteers with minimal need for staff. The Town Council is reluctant to see a total loss of all paid staff in the Library.

Please take part in the consultation. This ends on 2nd February and implementation of changes will be in summer 2019. To do the survey (1) Online via this link: “Libraries – Have Your Say”. You don’t have to fill in all the boxes, and can leave out the parts that relate to other libraries.  Alternatively, (2) Visit the library and ask for a paper copy. If you have any problems with this, please get in touch with the Town Council.




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